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  • Self Adhesive

    Self-adhesive or stick on data strip for (but not limited to) metal, wood, plastic and glass shelves. Can be cut to size depending on your needs. Call our sales team for requests - lead times and minimum order may apply.

  • Fridges

    For use on fridges with air curtains. Available in various sizes. Call our sales team for requests - lead times and minimum order may apply.

  • Clip On

    Clip On Data Strip for ITab, Eden or Tego Metal shelving. These can be easily cut to your required length. Standard Label Height 39 mm - lead times and minimum order may apply.

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In-Store Communications

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In-Store Communications Products

Display Components

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Display Component Products

Labour-Saving Solutions

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  • Sigma

    Sigma is a modular merchandising system tailored to create stunning visual displays.

  • Next

    Next is a shelf-less pusher tray system sitting on crossbars which allows more products to be displayed.

  • Optimal

    Optimal ensures an appealing product presentation and can be adapted to fit many packaging formats.

  • Ad'Lite

    Ad'Lite lamps are designed to be robust and thin while ensuring the highest output of emitted light.

  • Facer

    Facer frames reduce the risk of overfilling and damaging bottles while ensuring well-merchandised products.

  • Roller Track

    Roller Track is a shelf-ready gravity feed system that offers full visibility of products.

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Labour-Saving Products