POPAI Sustainability Standard Accreditation

POPAI Sustainability Standard Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that Shop Equipment Ltd has been awarded the prestigious POPAI Sustainability Standard (PSS) accreditation for the second time!

The PSS accreditation embeds sustainability principles within an organisation by focusing on seven key areas of a business:

👉 sustainable design practices
👉 corporate statements and goals
👉 energy and waste management policies
👉 supply chain management
👉 plant materials and processes
👉 logistics
👉 end-of-life


We are trying to make sustainability a key component of our business and we are delighted to be recognised for our efforts to become a more sustainable business by being awarded the PSS accreditation.

If you are a retailer or brand and have sustainability goals, contact us today to discuss how we can try design and make products to help you achieve them.

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