Testimonial Four

René Gygax , Business Development Executive, The Irish Times

The Irish Times have been dealing with SEL for the last number of years in the design of our newspaper stands and we tasked them to come up with a unique concept to incorporate our clock face which has been a part of The Irish Times for many years.  The result was outstanding, a Perspex newspaper display unit, that not only delivers each newspaper clearly visible for customers,  a good shelf depth to fit numerous copies of the paper, but also visually eye catching with a working clock as part of the design. There’s not another newspaper display unit like it in the country.  These stands have been placed within some Applegreen Service Stations around the country.  Speaking with onsite managers they are very pleased with the stand and it also creates a talking point for their customers.  For a truly unique design that works for us at every level I couldn’t be happier.


Lewis K Smith