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in-house design


In-House Design

SEL’s in-house design department are a highly capable unit, able to provide you with concepts, digital renders, mock-ups, and functional prototypes. They are here to help you bring your idea from a sketch to a reality, and get it there on time and on budget. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help make your dream a reality! 

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The national Lottery


The national lottery

SEL have worked closely with the National Lottery for many years. Chances are, you have filled out a Lottery ticket on a desk we designed, built, and installed. If you bought a scratch card, we helped make that happen. The signs outside the shops? You guessed it! Our track record of success, our nationwide network, and our competitive pricing have kept National Lottery as one of our major clients.


Merchandising Services

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Merchandising Services

Safety and visibility are key when displaying your products, and our merchandising experts can ensure both when fitting your store with state-of-the-art solutions that are tailored to its specific requirements.


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Freestanding display units

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Free standing display standing unit

The ever popular Free Standing Display Unit is the versatile workhorse of the POP industry. Able to be placed anywhere in-store, and with unlimited branding and customisation options, many brands swear by these. A range of materials can be used, from cost-effective Expanded Polyurethane Foam (Foamex) to premium materials such as copper, glass, and oak.

“great for emergent brands”

These stands are great for emergent brands looking to get a foot in the door and capture some premium retail space. Talk to us today to see how we can help you increase your sales with your very own FSDU!


Countertop displays

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SEL focus on Permanent Display Stands, using wood, metal, glass, and plastic. These are solid units, which have a long shelf-life, and allow for longer in-store campaigns, with lower environmental impact over the life of the stand. Have a look at some of our current designs, and drop us a line if you see anything you like!

Top quality material

  • Solid Units

  • Long Shelf Life

  • Made from sustainable material

  • Low Environment impact


Bay Dressing



It’s important that products are eye-catchingly visible to shoppers as they travel through the aisles, and ensuring that your brands receive maximum spotlight is something that we specialise in.

We work closely with you to dress your aisles in a way that highlights the products and maximises their presence in-store as a vital part of creating an enjoyable experience for your customers.