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We sell shelves!

As 2017 comes to a close, many brands will be looking to increase their in-store presence in 2018.

While you’re lounging by the fire, drinking your mulled wine, and munching on mince pies, we don’t expect you to be thinking about retail solutions. But this year’s holidays are relentlessly short, so we’ve compiled a list of trends to watch for the oncoming year.

·         Foamex:

This rigid PVC foam board is lightweight and durable. It is being used increasingly to create small footprint stands which can be placed virtually anywhere in-store. Brands and shops alike are going for these stands because of their versatility, durability, and size. Expect to see more of them in small retailers up to supermarkets and across the board. A very cost-effective way of getting your products in key locations in shops, these branded solutions can really pop with the right graphics! This is also indicative of a return to Permanent Displays instead of Temporary.

·         Electronic Ticket Strips:

Already the standard on continental Europe, Irish retailers small and large are beginning to adopt this convenient technology. These small screens work wirelessly from a central computer, where one staff member can update the entire pricing of the shop effortlessly. The possibilities and labour-savings of this technology are why shops are eager to install these. Prices can be updated for individual items which are on sale, or across the board. The batteries last over 5 years due to the E-Ink screens and other efficient technologies.

·         Digital Displays:

As prices come down on hi-tech, internet-connected screens, expect them to become more common-place. Batteries are getting smaller and more powerful, so these stands will no longer be prisoner to a plug. Using the interactive display, customers can answer specific questions and view product demonstrations, with the screen effectively acting as a full-time in-store sales rep.

·         Lightboxes:

Competing with the digital screens for consumers’ attention, lightboxes are another cost-effective way of attracting eyes towards your product. Essentially printed fabric stretched over a frame, and lit from behind, the end result can be stunning if the right image is selected. Again, LED’s and battery technology are increasing the versatility of lightboxes, so expect to see them more in 2018.

·         Sensorial Displays

According to the latest POPAI research, the current trend in Customer Experience is Multi-Sensory displays. Enticing users visually is the oldest trick in the book, but now brands should be aiming for multi-sensory impact. Smell is a powerful sense, with memories and taste being inextricably linked to our Sense of Smell. By exploiting this sense, the possibilities are huge! Sure, it’s not new, perfumes, bakeries, and others have been offering testers or perfuming the area near their product. But expanding this to products you wouldn’t normally smell until you use them helps to drive sales. Knowing what a roast will smell like as it cooks slowly in your oven would make you more likely to buy a joint of meat. Interestingly, research found that even after the smell was no longer available in-store, sales were still up. That is the power of the sense of smell.

We hope this provides some food for thought, and from all of us here at SEL, we wish you Happy Holidays, and great success in the coming year!